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YoMo Metering Board


YoMo - The open-source and open-hardware metering board

Metering Unit

The YoMo (You only meter once) metering unit is designed for industry and researchers to create new energy system applications. YoMo can measure several electric quantities (active power, reactive power, etc.) and is able to switch appliances up to 20A

Open-Source & Open-Hardware

The whole design as well as the schematics and PCB design are publicly available and can be obtained at sourceforge page. The overall cost for the metering board are about 50€.

Designed for future applications

The YoMo metering unit supports a wide range of applications, ranging from single appliance metering up to monitoring the energy consumption of an overall household. The device supports different sampling frequencies suitable for long-term monitoring as well as highly dynamic processes.

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  • Active power measurement
  • Reactive power measurement
  • Apparent power measurement
  • Current measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Switchable up to 20A
  • Adjustable sampling frequency
  • Controlled through the SPI Interface
  • Open-Source and Open-Hardware

    Arduino Shield Compatible

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    Follow the examples about more informations about the YoMo Metering Board

    Get YoMo Running

    Board assembly and general setup

    YoMo + Raspberry PI

    Use YoMo with a Raspberry PI as data collector and visualizer

    Paper accepted!

    Our paper "YOMO - The Arduino based Smart Metering Board" got accepted for publication at the Conference on Energy Informatics 2014 in Zürich

    Our Amazing Team

    Christoph Klemenjak

    Hardware & Software Design

    Dominik Egarter

    Hardware Design and Coordination

    Wilfried Elmenreich

    Technical Lead

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    University of Klagenfurt
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    9020 Klagenfurt, Austria